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New project entitled “Polonium Towers”.  The concept formed around October and November of 2013. =================================================

New Clinica Psychosis album entitled “Composite Factors”.  Will be out on CD-R soon.  This album is a collection of select songs taken from previous albums, along with a couple of exclusive tracks. SPacezdfgdfg-3-small =================================================

Moonlit Sun – Systematic Disposal Machine
(CD-r and BASF Emtec Chrome Cassette)

Moonlit Sun - Systematic Disposal Machine.  C-40 (BASF Emtec Chrome cassette)

The latest Moonlit Sun album. A follow up to ‘Shadows of Decay’ with more progression. 79 minutes worth of audio material consisting of various elements such as musique concrete, industrial, noise, ambient, self-captured field recordings, and a little bit of experimental. 


A 2 copy


Moonlit Sun – Incandescence (February 2014)


This is a late release consisting of early material.  It took some time to contemplate a proper theme and sequential mood.  It is sentimentally important for the visuals to compliment the sonic narrative as well as the metaphysical feelings experienced during the actual recording process.  This album is released as a digital download on bandcamp for now.


Hand made DIY digipak, 20 copies, currently in the making….




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